PDR Reading with a practical bonus

Soooo, I have been wrestling today with a trivial but frustrating dilemma (see this post about choosing a new tarot deck) and it occurred to me to kill 2 birds with one stone (an unpleasant metaphor when you stop and think about it, but that's not important right now) and come up with a simple spread to help focus my thoughts on this. With any luck it will help ease my mind and will be good practice to boot. And yes I'm calling this one of my Personal Deck Reflections readings :)

The Spread : I went with

1. What is the basis of this desire? Why do I feel this way? ("Me, now") - as I was writing this down I was immediately put in mind of the Buddhist idea of Dukkha which summed it up perfectly : what is this destabilising influence?
2. Suggested Action
3. Outcome
and I used my "Rider Tarot Deck" (obviously, given the situation ;-) )
2   3

First reaction: "No Majors : is this really that imortant?" - I think a little lesson there already
My analysis (at this stage my interpretations are pretty well grounded in the LWB definitions by the way, hopefully that will change over time)

1. 2 of Wands - the "Lord Of All I Survey" card for me : looking out over his dominion yet also contemplating the globe. It seems to reflect the situation - I have all I need (a brain, a deck and a world of learning resources) yet I seem unsatisfied. Longing to explore, dreaming of bigger and better things.
2. 5 of Swords - Overbearing, predatory, self-serving. Background figures concede defeat. I am initially a little torn as to what this says: does it counsel that wading in and doing as I please (buying stuff) is shallow and self-serving, or in this position does it direct me to be like this man in the foreground: go out and do it, because you can?
3. 3 of Swords - Remorseful, self-recriminating. Pan and sorrow. Those are the traditional meanings, but this is one of the (few at this stage) cards that I have my own feelings on. I see the rain as an important element: the pierced heart is hurt, damaged, but the rain can now get in. There is a payback, albeit small, for the pain.

Soundbite Summary: Do it. There may be some "buyer's remorse" or pain as a result, but that may not yet be the end of it.

Thoughts anynone?


Gazel said...

I think that the 5 of swords points to you being in doubt, and that it will be sorrowful for you to remain that way. But hmm I don't really see the reading pointing to any solution, right now.
It seems to me that RWS is a good basis - also when working with other decks, as for example the Alchemical - which is my vote.
So either you should stick with it to learn as much as possible - before you change your direction, or you can change direction now and use the RWS for reference. I'm doubtful if this is any help at all.

Twoflower said...

"It seems to me that RWS is a good basis"
This does seem to be the case, but I do need to keep hearing it lol

Kafkas Ghost said...

Nothing's better than free choice. You've hemmed and hawed, done your research, solicited feedback from others. So with that, just choose. No thought about it, just choose. And it's not a prison sentence, you can always switch it if you feel it is just not working out. :0)

P.S. I like to say "feed 2 birds with 1 cookie" being a vegetarian myself... ;0)

Yequ said...

I say go for it! =D

I see the 3 of Swords as "spot on!" more than heartache necessarily, and I link this to the 3 swords gathered up in man's arms in the 5oS.

As for the 2 swords lying in that card, I link it to the 2oW...overthink, and the opportunity will be lost.

Not that this situation is really calling for instant action, unless you are going for one of those limited edition decks...or are seeing an ebay auction go up...up...up...

But there, my 2 cents =)

Cath said...

The five swords is a wonderfully complex card - actually one of my favorites in the deck.

One of the messages it often holds for me is that we must remember that in every victory there are losers. Someone will walk away hurt. But the boundaries are now set and the situation is clearer than it was before. The leader of the pack has been identified and others must follow or leave.

The Rider Waite is a great deck - not just a good one to start with. Enjoy it. :)

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