Walk, don't run

It's easy to get confused, distracted, over-excited when deving in to a new subject, so I was pleased to stumble across the following advice on this thread at the Aeclectic Tarot Forum. It suggests, among many other very sensible sounding things, that:
“Doing a daily draw of one or two cards a day is fine for yourself. I like a daily draw of two and only two cards. The first is the challenge or issue of the day. The second is what the challenge brings to you; your lesson or what you must do to overcome the challenge."

“When folks are new, they have a tendency to ‘over read’. If they do not like the reading, they do a second ‘clarifying’ reading, and then perhaps another ‘clarify the clarification’…
I am going to try and stay mindful of this. I have committed to the 78 Weeks study and the Primary Deck Reflections exercises, so I will try and stick to those 2 activities and no more. Once my new decks arrive I may do the PDR with one of those.


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