PDR : 2 Card Draw 7th Jan '10

This is the first in what I hope will be daily draws for the PDR. The spread is simply:

  1. The challenge or issue of the day
  2. What the challenge brings; the lesson or what must be done to overcome the challenge

And there is the 2 of Wands again from the other day. Then I said
the "Lord Of All I Survey" card for me : looking out over his dominion yet also contemplating the globe. It seems to reflect the situation - I have all I need (a brain, a deck and a world of learning resources) yet I seem unsatisfied. Longing to explore, dreaming of bigger and better things.
which I think is firming-up to be about real-world-choices. Logistics today meant I have had to choose between work and family.

And here's what it means to be new to this: you keep getting cards you know nothing about :) : 6 of Pentacles I'm going to have to look up. At first glance it looks to be about sharing - so underlining trying to balance time and attention between work and family, but looking at it longer I am drawn to the beggars: to get paid they have to prostrate themselves to their benefactor: swallow their pride and do something they would not normally choose to do.

If I didn't have to work to get paid (or if I prioritised differently in that area) I might not have to put myself in a position I'd rather not: maybe I'd have spent more time with my family. I'm going to think on this and may post a follow up in a day or 2. In the meantime if this sparks a thought please do comment - conversational learning seems to come so much easier :)


Lucy said...

like the post! i really like what you said about the beggars swallowing their pride! i'm also new to tarot, so i have to look up meanings too sometimes! one thing i always think about when it comes to the sixes are have/have not - BOTH sides of the coin. and we can be on either side of that coin. we can either be the one giving (generosity) or the one taking (submitting). if that makes sense, sorry i tend to ramble sometimes!

Scribbler said...

Good post. Sounds like this is a great simple spread for daily draws; I'll have to give it a try with the Tarot of the Saints. Perhaps this is just the theme of my own PDR deck creeping in, but the two cards together could be taken to illustrate the point that the last/least shall be first.

Just a thought.

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