New Decks

Following on from my umm-ing and ahh-ing over new decks I have decided to cheat: I have ordered 2 and am trying to track down a 3rd :)

First up is Dame Fortune's Tarot which I expect will need some additional study but which I'll enjoy I think

and secondly, Revelations Tarot, which just struck me with its slightly unusual images and the whole reversals thing - I'm hoping it may help dispell fears about working with reversals by making them feel more accessible. Plus I like the way it looks, so there.

Plus I'm trying to track down an easily obtainable (ie in the UK if possible) Alchemical...


Kafka's Ghost said...

Darnit, I was selling my Revelations. Perfectly trimmed, book, and everything.

Twoflower said...

Doh! I'd cancel my order but it was from a Marketplace seller (Amazon) and I don't have that option

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