78 Weeks versus Primary Deck Reflections

Having had a bit more of  a nose around the A Forum I think I might get more out of the "78 Weeks" exercise whereby you take a week to study a card (everyone doing the same card each week). After all I need to cover these basics and when you think about it even the name "Primary Deck Reflections" should be telling me it's not right: I only have one deck ;-)


Twoflower said...

... or I could do both I suppose?

Leigh/BlueDragonfly said...

You could do both. I was signed up for the 78 weeks but withdrew when I thought I'd be losing my internet(I'm not, now). I am still studying just not following the weekly format or posting it on AT.
Pro's of doing both, you'll get to work with all the cards while learning in-depth about the card of the week, and find increased understanding when it comes up in your personal readings for the PDR. Win-Win. And your 1 deck is your primary deck, you'll get to know it extremely well.
I don't want to list any cons. ;P

Hope you'll try at least.

:) Leigh

Twoflower said...

Go on then, I'll give it a go :)

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