The Lovers

To help me get to grips with things, I bought myself a book and one of the first things it suggested I do was to deal a single Major and reflect on it for a little while.

By the way, it seems to be an excellent and accessible book and it was a happy coincidence that the author also has an interest in the Jungian aspects of Tarot and expresses some things in those terms: so comfortable ground for me which was nice to start with.

The card I drew was 7: The Lovers

The first thing that struck me was that they physically mirror each other - identical posture so right away I am thinking about balance - about opposite aspects of something that comes together.

The 'apples and serpent' behind the woman, rightly or wrongly for me, conjures the biblical references. I suppose the trees of knowledge and life each represent the different inherent aspects of the 2. But the roots are already joined - maybe the external appearance of this being a joining is really a re-joining : these 2 things were not meant to be apart. Maybe they never truly were, but choose to come together because they realise or learn that this is the right way.

The figure above : I can't decide if it is directing the union or merely approving of it.


Leigh/BlueDragonfly said...

With the references to Adam and Eve, could that be the angel that was sent to force them out of the garden?

:) Leigh

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