My interest in Tarot comes from 2 places:
Firstly: I've long had a casual interest in psychology and particularly to the Jungian approach, and that (for me) seems to have many parallels with the symbology and answers-from-within that appear (to me, currently) to be at the heart of Tarot (plus Jung made direct references to it of course)

And Secondly: my wife began to explore the Tarot some time ago and it is something I'm keen to understand more myself for that reason too. Rather than intrude in to "her thing" I decided to exercise some discretion initially - perhaps it will seem right to "come out" in due course  She had said recently that she wanted to spend more time with her Tarot learning so I decided to buy her a new deck (and while I was there bought one for myself too).

for her I chose the Touchstone Tarot - I don't pretend that I would be able to choose the perfect deck for someone else (even my wife!) but I reckon I can be sure of not choosing the completely wrong one : she seemed to genuinely like it.

For myself I chose a Rider-Waite deck : I tempered the desire to choose purely on aesthetic with the necessity of having something that my learning material would correspond to, so that and the book "Tarot For Life" will hopefully set me on my way initially.

While talking about the material : a quick vote of confidence for "Mysteries" near Covent Garden in London - they helped this clueless soul make choices he'd be happy with and were patient and seemed well-informed - thanks.

So : I'm a man, a husband, a Dad. I have talents I am proud of and flaws that I am not. I chose the name "Twoflower" hastily ("choose your user name - arrgh what to type, what to type?") but am very happy with it: in the Discworld novels Twoflower is the tourist - outwardly naive, a bungling fool with a thirst for knowledge, but eventually much more :-) I can hope.


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